Saturday, October 19, 2019

Just Added!: Gary Gallier and Robert Force

Gary Gallier

The Gallier BrothersLes and Gary, compose 90% of the music they play. Blended together, you can hear the influences.a hint of New Grass and Dawg for a progressive edge, flavored with Classical and Celtic in smooth precision. Add a taste of Mountain styles and a true signature sound is created. Their 1993 album “On the Wing” has been called “a landmark dulcimer album” and their 2001 release “Craft of Kin” has been reviewed as having ”a powerful and highly original vision of where the dulcimer can go” ….”should inspire us well into the future.”  Gary, solo, keeps his feet firmly planted in the roots and his melodic flatpicking style spices up everything from Irish jigs to Texas swing blues.

Robert Force

Robert Force has been a performer on the Appalachian mountain dulcimer for 50 years. His book on dulcimer techniques and styles, In Search of the Wild Dulcimer, published by Random House in 1974, sold more than 100,000 copies and, in the words of The San Francisco Chronicle, "helped set the standards for modern dulcimers." Victory Music Review of Seattle reports, "His records, books, festivals, and appearances have literally influenced thousands of dulcimer players."

Robert has produced over thirty albums for other artists, has a dozen of his own, has written several books, and has performed widely in the US, Europe, and Central America. He has co-billed with such diverse headliners as Doc Watson, Kate Wolfe, and even Zsa Zsa Gabor to name a few.

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